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Aquarium Technicians of Houston is the greater Houston metropolitan area's premier maintenance servicing provider for aquariums, lobster and edible livestock aquariums and water features. Trust us to keep your tank beautiful and worry-free! The exceptional quality of our service has helped us to become a preferred provider for Houston's leading businesses and residential clients alike. With a staff of highly knowledgeable professional technicians and extensive resources, we're equipped to offer any aquarium service in addition to aquarium maintenance and custom design. Aquarium Technicians of Houston allows you to enjoy the beauty of your aquarium while leaving the stress of its care to us!

Unsurpassed knowlege.
Creative designs.
Impeccable service.

Thats what you get when you choose Aquarium Technicians of Houston. Our technicians are able to perform a variety of services from routine maintenance to aquarium design, installation and custom-built cabinetry. Project managers are available to work with architects and builders for in-wall features.

Aquarium Technicians of Houston was established in 2005 with the goal of providing quality, personalized aquarium services. Our leadership team has more than 20 years of combined hands on experience and our technicians participate in ongoing education of healthy aquatic environments, aquatic gardening, livestock health and aquarium design. We create underwater landscapes that mimic nature and suit the invidiual tastes of our clients.

As a proud affiliate of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (of the hit show Tanked!), we're offer custom acrylic aquariums in addition to traditional glass setups. We strive to cater to our client's needs! Let us help you with your aquarium, call us today at 832.534.0045.

Our clients enjoy easy scheduling with our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service plans to accommodate a variety of needs including before/after hours servicing for commercial clients. We also offer equipment sales, installation and delivery.

Service Offerings

    • Routine aquarium, water feature, lobster tank or pond maintenance
    • Freshwater, saltwater and planted systems
    • Aquarium design and overhauls
    • Commercial livestock system maintenance and annual equipment servicing
    • Consultation and custom installation
    • Fish/livestock and equipment sales and delivery
    • Aquarium relocations
    • Emergency service
    We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service plans to accommodate residential and commercial client needs.

What is an
aquarium servicing?

  • Maintenance of visual presentation of aquarium
  • Maintenance of filtration, lighting, cooling and heating systems
  • Inspection and treatment of livestock
  • Water change and water chemistry testing
  • Tank cleaning: hydro cleaning gravel, algae removal, hood cleaning
  • Cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces
  • Replenishment of fish food
  • Administration of additives, conditioners, buffers, treatments and medications as needed
  • Fish sales and delivery upon request

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Commercial Service

Our commercial clients range from restaurants and law firms to hospitals and dental practices.


Whether you're looking to add more color or determining species compatibility, we'll solve all of your livestock needs.

Residential Service

We service residential aquariums of all types and sizes. Our comprehensive service offers peace of mind.

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